Published On: Sun, Oct 2nd, 2011

Life : My Definiton

A view what life is, an original composition by Sanchit Gupta.

life as defined by me

Life : As defined by me

A candle that flickers with strength of love.
A lamp that burns with oil of faith.
A light that in the face of adversity strive.
What will you call it?
I call it life.

A journey which has many paths and rows.
where one may land, no one knows.
a bag full of surprise.
What will you call it?
I call it life.

A riddle which is difficult to solve.
but you can, if you choose to resolve.
some things different, some alike.
What will you call it?
I call it life.

A goblet filled with wine.
it turns to poison or nectar,
your deeds determine.
the simple formula, you ought to try.
What will you call it?
I call it life..

About the Author

- A musician and writer by choice while an engineer by profession.... music is something that runs in my veins... doesnt mean i am from a musical background.. no my family aint related even a bit to music and the idea of being a musician is forbidden. but still. you cant stop whats gonna happen. adventure is something i crave for. and photography my life. i believe that either love what you do or dont do it at all.

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