Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2012

Send Your Arduino projects Into the Orbit With ArduSat

ArduSat Layout

ArduSat Layout

Putting your scientific aspirations and experiments into orbit can be a bit tricky. But there’s a way to crowdsource your way into the space. ArduSat is working on this idea, and is asking Kickstarter contributors to help them get a Arguina CubeSat off the ground.

The project is headed by NanoSatisfi which is a tech startup operating out of NASA’s Ames Research Center. The project hopes to collect enough funds to launch an Arduino bank and a bevy of open-source sensors into orbit.

There’s a reward or bonus for those who backup the project, ‘access’. Varied levels of contributions are rewarded with special, interesting, personalized space broadcasts, remote access to the space hardware’s cameras and even the use of machine’s sensors to do experiments of backer’s own personal design.

If everything goes well and right. the team hopes to launch more satellites for the people which included a unit dedicated to stellar photographers for taking celestial photographs.

It’s definitely a far cry from actually launching yourself into the stars, but would you rather be a tourist, or a scientist? Check out project below.


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