Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2011

Gods (Metallica) coming to Delhi

Metallica In Delhi :

Metallica In Delhi :

After the visit of megadeth, iron maiden, lamb of god, meshuggah and amon amarth etc. in India, all of which I missed, I was disappointed. Being a rock fanatic, I was excited to the core after hearing that grand daddy of thrash metal metallica is visiting india, more importantly, my hometown delhi. This was an opportunity that I was not gonna miss. I am pretty sure that I would have been among the first 100 people who reserved their tickets online. 28th october is the date marked on my calender with a highlighter. Because that day I will become part of history.

Watching metallica perform live right in front of me, with James with his signature “yeeaahh”, Kirk with his breath taking solos, Lars with his out of the world drum rolls and robert with his mind blowing technique and devilish look, is like is dream come true for me. So my first article on this site is dedicated to the legend “METALLICA”. I came across metallica music in class 9th with “Nothing Else Matters” the first Metallica song I heard. And I was immediately blown away. I fell in love with their music right then and there. And not a single day passes when I don’t listen to metallica. Their work has an extraordinary diversity to it.

You don’t have to be a huge music maniac to tell the change of tone and mood from their first albums “Hit the Light” and “Ride the Lightening” to the “Black Album” to the infamous “St. Anger” to the latest “Death Magnetic”. It is no secret. I am a fan. But then it is really difficult to find a critic of their work. I just hope their legacy continues and they keep on making us spellbound by the sheer genius they call “METALLICA”.The magic spread via their albums and on stage is the reason why they are considered no. 1 among the big four and any rock fan would know what I am talking about. I salute to them and the dedication and though they have been criticized (read: badly) for some of their decisions, I would like to say that they are humans. Not gods(only literally.. They are the god of music though).

P.S. I repeat, 28th october is the day to watch out for…

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- A musician and writer by choice while an engineer by profession.... music is something that runs in my veins... doesnt mean i am from a musical background.. no my family aint related even a bit to music and the idea of being a musician is forbidden. but still. you cant stop whats gonna happen. adventure is something i crave for. and photography my life. i believe that either love what you do or dont do it at all.

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