Electricity Generation Through Mirrored Troughs

Mirrored Troughs

Mirrored Troughs Around 1.4 billion people don’t have access to electricity at all in the world while there are many others who have an extremely unreliable access. Stats show that around the globe 30,000 clinics and 60,000 schools still don’t have access to electricity. Solar Turbine Group or STG International, a nonprofit start-up company run More...

by Vipul Kumar | Published 6 years ago
NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars
By Vipul Kumar On Monday, August 6th, 2012

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover cleared the Martian skies and landed on a giant mould of layered rock inside an ancient crater at 1:32 AM EDT. The rover landed on the More...

Quantum Computer Chip
By Vipul Kumar On Saturday, August 4th, 2012

World’s First Quantum Router: Soon You’ll Have Quantum Internet

Quantum Computer Chip At a time when there is great research going on in quantum physics and quantum computers are being made, Chinese researchers have made the world’s first quantum router. This technology More...

India Will Set Its Feet On Mars Too Next Year
By Vipul Kumar On Saturday, August 4th, 2012
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India Set to launch March mission by 2013

Meanwhile when US is waiting for its Mars Curiosity Rover to land on Mars on 5th August, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), has confirmed that it plans to send an orbiter to Mars in 2013. It would be More...

Swallowable Electronic Devices
By Vipul Kumar On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

The First Swallowable Electronic Devices Approved By FDA

Swallowable Electronic Devices A doctor can give you medicines to cure your disease and a health insurance can cover the cost of your treatment. But nothing can follow you around and remind you to take your medicines. More...

Panasonic's Photosynthesis Concept
By Vipul Kumar On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Panasonic Will Soon Bring Artificial Photosynthesis System

Panasonic's Photosynthesis Concept Plants are the basic and most important part of our ecosystem. They not only make the earth a beautiful place but also convert carbon dioxide to oxygen which is essential for More...

Satellit Made By Song Ho-Jun
By Vipul Kumar On Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Your Own Do It Yourself Satellite – by Song Ho-Jun

Satellit Made By Song Ho-Jun Song Ho-Jun, a South Korean artist has been working for years on his very own DIY sputnik, a homemade satellite cobbled together from electronics store parts. It is supposed to be the More...

3D Printed Gun Parts
By Vipul Kumar On Friday, July 27th, 2012

Want a gun? 3D Print Them With 3D Printers

3D Printed Gun Parts Now it’s possible to manufacture weapons at your home. You can simply 3D print them. A gunsmith operating under  the handle of “HaveBlue” announced recently that he has successfully More...

Monsoon Clouds Over Lucknow
By Vipul Kumar On Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Now Supercomputers Will Predict Monsoon In India

Monsoon Clouds Over Lucknow Indian scientists are working on an ambitious and unprecedented project to build computer models to remain one step ahead of monsoon. These supercomputers will predict the movements More...

Cell Cycle
By Vipul Kumar On Monday, July 23rd, 2012
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First Computer Model of an Organism: Stanford Uninversity

Cell Cycle Researchers from Stanford University have finally created the world’s first complete computer model of an organism. After useing research from 900 publications and accounting over 1900 parameters, More...