Farhan’s Poems from movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Farhan's poem from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

Farhan's poem from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is one of my favorite movie. I really loved the chemistry between the three friends Hrithik, Abhay & Farhan. Farhan humorous acts were commendable but besides that I totally loved the poems he recited  between the scenes. This post is dedicated to the interesting More...

by Shashank Agarwal | Published 6 years ago
CLAUSTROPHILIC a poem by Bhuwan Kathuria
By Bhuwan Kathuria On Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
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CLAUSTROPHILIC a poem by Bhuwan Kathuria There are certain times when your heart craves for solace and finds it only in the time of solitude. The monologue is more gratifying than all the world’s sympathies. More...

Two Sword Warrior by jawoltze
By Lakshay Nanda On Friday, February 24th, 2012

Rusty sword (a poem)

Two Sword Warrior by jawoltze As soon I ascended the chariot, I saw the dusty ways around, enigmatic and confusing fields, mawkish and haze in breath profound, all I had to beat the odds, my legendary shining silver More...

Thoughts of a molested girl : A poem
By Sanchit Gupta On Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

“Fade to Dust” : A poem by a molested & broken girl

This song is about a girl, who was physically molested and raped repeatedly by her own father. So one day she decided to end it and murdered him, now she is watching his motionless body and having these thoughts More...

Terrorist : A poem
By Vineet Jain On Sunday, November 27th, 2011

I’m a “TERRORIST” : A poem

Terrorist : A poem A dive into the mind of the Terrorist. What he goes into his mind , his thought hi felling or numbness. A poem just trying to express that.     Born under smoke, Played with fire, And More...

what anger can do to you
By Sanchit Gupta On Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Aakrosh (Anger) : A poem

A poem that expresses how man has become a mere tool of his anger. What anger can make him do! Why are we scared of anger! aakrosh.... anger   Dwesh, dand, chal, kapat. Vishwaasghaat har waqt. Kaala dil or More...

Dream and reality : The difference
By Vani Verma On Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The Suppression : A poem

We grow up as dreamers, have a knack to change the world. Our parents encourage us to think strong! But there come days when we are forced to remain mum, when our heart is thumping hard and the mind shouting still More...

see the world through a child's eye
By Sanchit Gupta On Friday, October 28th, 2011

“bachhpan ke wo din” : A poem

see the world through a child's eye The most amazing time of our life is not when we marry or become rich or retire or get a job. The most memorable are the years as a child. A poem dedicated to innocent childhood.   Eye More...

By Sanchit Gupta On Monday, October 17th, 2011

“The Unnamed Feeling” ( a poem)

An darkness within An original composition by Sanchit Gupta, describing the un-named feeling that we feel. Those strange thoughts that come up when misery and sadness envelopes your world.   stupefied by the More...

PornStar : A Poem
By Vineet Jain On Friday, September 30th, 2011

“PornStar” : A poem

PornStar : A Poem A different perspective to the world of PornStar  ( a person who appears in pornographic films ). The poem show’s the artistic perception of the poet and not at all means to offend anyone More...