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DailyJag Logo

DailyJag Logo

DailyJag is a news blog, the unique interesting news delivers hand-picked and filtered relevant, interesting & genuine articles from all across the globe on topics ranging from entertainment, politics, technolofy, literature and much more. The news blog also publishes poems and write ups by independent & enthusiastic writers.

The Story

We bloggers blog because we want to share our knowledge and thoughts with the world so the idea started and the inception of DailyJag. Soon I shared the idea with few of my friends, and came to know there are many amazing writers who love to write but don’t get the proper place to show their talent. So the idea evolved more and DailyJag was made as a hub for writers to share their views.

Before DailyJag, I(Shashank Agarwal) had had a bunch of other sites and blogs (whatwhy.in, hackiteasy.blogspot.com, shankee.com). But they all were centered around a particular topic or theme.

Since the beginning the idea was to give writers the space to write on any topic or category they want to, that’s why you see so many categories and articles.


The Name

Well, a lot of thought was given for what should be the title of the blog. I was going for something that tells what’s the latest such as “netdaily” or “newsjag” but they were all booked.

Finally settled on “DailyJag”.


What the name means?

While browsing I came across this-

Meaning of “jag”: at dictionary.com

1. a period of unrestrained indulgence in an activity; spree;binge: a crying jag; a talking jag.

2. a state of intoxication from liquor.
So “just” to show our daily indulgence or spree “dailyjag”
The Ups & Downs

Well DailyJag has gone through many ups and turns. It was published very enthusiastically but after some days of its publication it was hard for me alone to manage it and DailyJag was about to be left on its own.

But soon I was nudged by the avid readers that why are there no updates on the blog.  Even though Dailyjag only recycled interesting news articles but the site filtered the news so that readers only read the most interesting ones only. The support from the readers encouraged me to work and devote time to the blog.

DailyJag now has a full fledged team of contributors and writers that wrote amazing articles.

You too can Write for us, click here to know more.

The Future

DailyJag will be updated atleast once every day with atleast one article. And in future this limit would be raised to give our more content to read .

We have a very hard-working team of writers working round the clock at delivering only quality content .

Feel free to contact us anytime, we are all ears to any feedback or suggestion.

Please email us at : info[at]dailyjag.com.

We hope you have a good time at DailyJag.



DailyJag Team

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